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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive alert emails from your service?

You will receive alert email when your website or server goes DOWN.

How do you determine a website or server is down?

Your website or server is considered to be down if one of the following conditions holds true.
  1. Your web server is inaccessible via the Internet
  2. Your web server is not running, that is we can't connect to port 80
  3. The web server is running but does not respond to requests or returns invalid HTTP responses

How do I know if your service is being used to monitor my website?

If our user use website test or web server test, you will see "" as a referer in your web server log, where xxxxx is the name of the user who initiated monitoring

For other test, you have to check your router log for any traffic (ICMP, SYN etc) from us.

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